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The Sacred Heart Curriculum

Sacred Heart of Jesus School provides a Christ centered environment that allows students to live and think according to a Biblical worldview. We provide a rigorous education that instills a lifelong love of learning so our students are prepared to thrive in high school, college and beyond.

We understand that parents want their children’s education to be free of moral evils and aligned with their values.  Sacred Heart offers an authentically Catholic value system that bases our culture, activities, and academics on the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Academic Curriculum

At Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School we pride ourselves in academic excellence. Our goal is the formation of the whole person which includes academic excellence and spiritual maturity. We provide our students with the tools they need to achieve academic excellence and prepare for careers of the future.

Our outstanding academic programs prepare our students for admission and success at some of the area’s most competitive high schools including Walsh Jesuit, St. Vincent St. Mary, Archbishop Hoban, Wadsworth, Revere and Highland.  Whether you are considering a private or public high school, Sacred Heart will ground you child with a strong moral framework and will set them up for academic excellence.

Sacred Heart of Jesus School follows the educational curriculum developed and supported by the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland. This curriculum meets and exceeds the requirements for the State of Ohio learning standards. With the structure and guidance of this curriculum, our teachers strive to meet the needs of each student, while challenging all students to fulfill their academic potential in a secure and nurturing environment.

Kindergarten Curriculum

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1st Grade Curriculum

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2nd Grade Curriculum

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3rd Grade Curriculum

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4th Grade Curriculum

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5th Grade Curriculum

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6th Grade Curriculum

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7th Grade Curriculum

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8th Grade Curriculum

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Enrichment Electives

Gluten & Dairy Sensitive Sweets

Free of gluten, free of dairy, full of flavor! In this elective you’ll learn how to make some delicious snacks and desserts that use all gluten free and dairy free ingredients. 

**While the ingredients will be gluten free and dairy free, some recipes will contain other common food allergy ingredients such as peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, etc. There will also be a risk of cross contamination as we are using a shared kitchen. Please take those things into consideration if your child has Celiac or their allergies are severe. 

Instructor: Mrs. Erin Gable – thank you for volunteering your gift of time and talent!


Marketing Academy for Kidpreneurs

Step into Marketing Academy where we’re not just learning about business – we’re building one!  In this class, we’re creating our very own online school shop, stocked with cool, kid-approved designs.  From water bottles, keychains and notebooks, to trendy t-shirts, sweatshirts and bags – you’ll be at the forefront of what sells and how to market it.  Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit, and let’s transform classroom ideas into the coolest online school shop around.

Instructor: Mrs. Dani Kimble – thank you for volunteering your gift of time and talent!


Sports Sampler

Are you a sports nut?  Is gym your favorite special of the week?  This class is for you!  With this elective, enjoy an introduction to a variety of unique sports.  Get a taste of some athletic events that you may not know about or have played before.  Challenge yourself to learn new things and have fun.  You never know what Mrs. Leach might have up her sleeve!

Instructor: Mrs. Leach


Service with a Smile

Do you want to follow Jesus’s call to serve others? In this elective, we will make creations to help cheer local nursing home residents, partner with helping the homeless with the St. Vincent DePaul Society and assist local organizations like Marians closet. Come on a journey with Mrs. Blake to be the hands and feet of Jesus for others.

Instructor: Mrs. Blake


Mad Scientist 

Like getting your hands dirty?  Is Science your jam?  Can’t spend enough time in the lab?  This class has your name written all over it.  Dig deeper into your inner chemist and biologist and learn what makes this subject FUN.  Students can expect to expand their knowledge, AND get their hands dirty (think frog dissection!) 

Instructor: Miss Russell 


“Dude Perfect” Trick Shots

Design, create and execute the perfect trick shots!  Explore the creative and exciting world of trick shots.  You’ll be amazed with what a little practice and perseverance can do.  By the end of this class, expect to blow away your friends and family with your newly acquired skills!  Playground time will never be the same!  

Instructor: Mrs. Leach



Sacred Heart is thrilled to be bringing back our very own cheerleaders! With Mrs. Springer’s background knowledge, students in this class will learn several basic cheers and become experts at rooting on our favorite Tiger Teams.  Students will learn basic jumps, motions and proper stretching. Once these students have mastered the skills, they will assist Mrs. Springer in a Saturday clinic for younger students to teach and execute a cheer during Catholic Schools week!

Instructor: Mrs. Springer 


Cricut Design

If you love creating, or want to improve your skills at crafting, our Cricut Design class is for you!  In this class, learn the basics of the cricut program and use its tools to design and create your own products.  Think personalized stickers, bags, inspirational signs, and one of a kind water bottles – the possibilities are endless!

Instructor: Miss Stewart 


Extreme Makeover – Sacred Heart School Edition

Mr. Czaplicki has commissioned Sacred Heart Design Studio to place, plan and redesign the Teacher’s Lounge.  Students will design and budget for the space.  Chromebooks will be our tool this year for drawings and research.  Projects will be submitted to a panel of judges and the winning design will be implemented.  You will see your design vision become a reality! 

Instructor: Mrs. Thombs 


Book Art

Listen to fantastic piece of literature as you join Mrs. McMillian to make unique custom handmade piece of art out of discarded books.  Each piece constructed will coincide with the story that is shared.  Fold it, trim it, roll it up, snip and voila…an amazing piece of art!  

Instructor: Mrs. McMillian 


Beginning Crocheting 

Come learn a hobby that will relax you, bring out your creativity, and help you develop an end product worthy of wearing or gifting!  In this class, you will learn the basic crochet stitches and will develop a two-tone winter scarf that is sure to impress! Let this be the beginning of a new skill that will open doors to endless possibilities!
Instructor: Mrs. Brooke Skopinski – thank you for volunteering your gift of time and talent!


Mock Trial/Debate Team

Do you like to speak your mind? This seven week course will walk students through various debate topics including “Are Professional Athletes Overpaid?” And “Should We Try to Send Humans to Mars?” Once a side is chosen, you will research your position and have a formal debate with the opposing side. The side with the most well thought out argument and supported facts is the champion! Perhaps there are some future defense attorneys among us! May the best speaker win!

Instructor: Mrs. Mangan 


Green Thumb Exploration

Do you find yourself checking out the succulents in the grocery line? Do you like digging in the dirt? Do plants breathe?  I don’t want to leaf you hanging so plant on joining me to weed out the answers to those questions and much more. Exploration will take place in the science lab as well as outdoors on the school grounds, weather permitting. After this enrichment program is over, enjoy practicing what you learned at home with your culminating project

Instructor: Mrs. McMillian



In this class, students will learn the basics of the game of tennis in a friendly, non-competitive way.  They will learn stroke development and serving technique as well as the rules of the game, how to keep score, tennis etiquette, and game strategy.  Whether you have never picked up a racket or you have been playing for years, this class will have something to offer you.  Tennis rackets will be provided if you do not have one.  Classes will take place at Durling Park, weather permitting.

Instructor: Mrs. Gerschutz 


Advanced Art

The talented Miss Abbey from Brush Tips Art Studio will be joining us again and putting a new twist on her art instruction.  This quarter, students will learn the basics of 2D art of design by understanding the color wheel, how to make design decisions to captivate your audience and how to develop your creative eye. Students will be creating their own logos, developing a personalized, one of a kind t-shirt and more.  

Instructor: Miss Abbey Sweigert, Brush Tips Art Studio managing partner 


School Newspaper

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!  Sacred Heart’s student newspaper  The Tiger Times has been hugely successful.  Use this quarter to join the school newspaper that has earned accolades not just in our parish, but across the diocese. Students will work together to write, edit, and publish two issues (both digital and print copies) of our school newspaper.  Students  will be challenged to produce articles and a final product that will engage the school body and school community. , and have some fun along the way !

Instructor: Mrs. Gorbach  


Be the Teacher

You Be the Teacher – Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be the teacher?  Do you like working with little children? Do you have a big heart and a great imagination?  Then this elective is for you.  In this elective you will experience what it’s like to be a teacher.  You will learn how to plan fun and exciting lessons, prepare learning materials and have the opportunity to actually teach some of our youngest students.

Instructor: Mrs. Valeri

Extracurricular Programs

  • Performing Show Choir (5 – 8)
  • Student Council (4 – 8)
  • Power of the Pen (7 – 8)
  • Chess Club
  • Spelling Bee (6 – 8)
  • Future Catholic Teachers Club (8)
  • Grandparents Day Program
  • Veterans Day Program
  • Cinderella (father-daughter) ball
  • Mother/Son outing
  • Catholic Schools Week Carnival & Activities
  • State Science Fair (7 – 8)
  • Middle School Drama Program
  • Breakfast of Champions – Mentoring Program (6 – 8)
  • Ski Club
  • Talent Show
  • CYO Sports

Spiritual Programs Offered

  • School led retreats at Damascus
  • An invitation to pray at least 4 times a day
  • Mass every Thursday
  • Daily religious instruction with weekly visits from our priests and deacons
  • Weekly Rosary and Benediction during October and May
  • Stations of the Cross during Lent
  • The Sacrament of Reconciliation twice during the school year
  • A chapel available for prayer and reflection any time of day
  • The Divine Mercy Chaplet is recited weekly
  • Living Stations of the Cross
  • Visit from St. Nicholas
  • Mass Choir
  • Our 3rd graders research the saints, write reports and dress their parts on All Saints Day.

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