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The Sacred Heart Curriculum

Sacred Heart of Jesus School provides a Christ centered environment that allows students to live and think according to a Biblical worldview. We provide a rigorous education that instills a lifelong love of learning so our students are prepared to thrive in high school, college and beyond.

We understand that parents want their children’s education to be free of moral evils and aligned with their values.  Sacred Heart offers an authentically Catholic value system that bases our culture, activities, and academics on the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Academic Curriculum

At Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School we pride ourselves in academic excellence. Our goal is the formation of the whole person which includes academic excellence and spiritual maturity. We provide our students with the tools they need to achieve academic excellence and prepare for careers of the future.

Our outstanding academic programs prepare our students for admission and success at some of the area’s most competitive high schools including Walsh Jesuit, St. Vincent St. Mary, Archbishop Hoban, Wadsworth, Revere and Highland.  Whether you are considering a private or public high school, Sacred Heart will ground you child with a strong moral framework and will set them up for academic excellence.

Sacred Heart of Jesus School follows the educational curriculum developed and supported by the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland. This curriculum meets and exceeds the requirements for the State of Ohio learning standards. With the structure and guidance of this curriculum, our teachers strive to meet the needs of each student, while challenging all students to fulfill their academic potential in a secure and nurturing environment.

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2nd Grade
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Kindergarten Curriculum

A Curriculum Guide For Families

1st Grade Curriculum

A Curriculum Guide For Families

2nd Grade Curriculum

A Curriculum Guide For Families

3rd Grade Curriculum

A Curriculum Guide For Families

4th Grade Curriculum

A Curriculum Guide For Families

5th Grade Curriculum

A Curriculum Guide For Families

6th Grade Curriculum

A Curriculum Guide For Families

7th Grade Curriculum

A Curriculum Guide For Families

8th Grade Curriculum

A Curriculum Guide For Families

Enrichment Electives


Game!  Set!  Match! In this class, students will learn the basics of the game of tennis in a friendly, non-competitive way.  They will learn stroke development and serving technique as well as the rules of the game, how to keep score, tennis etiquette, and game strategy.  Whether you have never picked up a racket or you have been playing for years, this class will have something to offer you.  Tennis rackets will be provided if you do not have one.  Classes will take place at Durling Park, weather permitting. 

Instructor: Mrs. Gerschutz

Green Thumb Exploration

Ever wonder what the 7th grade was doing outside the school last year digging in the dirt? Since plants are living, do they breathe? Do you find yourself checking out the succulents in the grocery line? Join this course to weed out the answers to those questions and much more. Exploration will take place in the science lab as well as outdoors on the school grounds, weather permitting. After this enrichment program is over, enjoy practicing what you learned at home with your culminating project.

Instructor: Mrs. McMillian 

Educational Games

In this class students will learn about and play a variety of educational games that focus on strategy and skill. The list of games includes: Yahtzee, Ticket to Ride, 24, Set, Blokus, code names, and more! The assortment of games will allow students to play competitively and cooperatively. Students will learn how to play the games and then have the opportunity to play it with a partner or group. 

Instructor: Miss Russell 

Golden Ticket Book Club

Join Charlie Bucket, Augustus Gloop, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde, and Mike Teavee as they tour Willy Wonka’s famous chocolate factory! We will read and discuss the book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and do some fun activities like making chocolate slime. Of course, we will eat some chocolate along the way!

Instructor: Mrs. Blake

School Newspaper

In this class students will work together to write, edit, and publish two issues of our school newspaper during the 7 week session.  Students will not only fine tune the art writing, but will also develop researching, fact checking and interviewing skills. They will be challenged to produce articles and a final product that will engage the school body and school community.  

Instructor: Mrs. Gorbach 


Let the Memories Begin!In this class, students will be capturing their memories through scrapbooking.  Students will learn how to start his/her scrapbooking hobby, choose the right supplies, create layouts, artistically title each layout, and journal effectively while creating a simple, quick scrapbook using their own favorite photos.  

Instructor: Mrs. Gerschutz      

Creative Writing:

Have you ever felt like there is a story inside you that is just aching to be told? If you answered yes, then this is the class for you! In this class, you will discover and develop story elements such as characters, setting, conflict and resolution, and plot that make a story interesting by participating in activities and using creative prompts like circle writing and creating a writing chain to get your words flowing.  You will move through the steps of the writing process which will culminate in publishing your work with Google Book Creator.

Instructor: Mrs. Valeri 

Kelley’s Kitchen:

Do you enjoy experimenting in the kitchen or trying new foods? Aspiring chefs and foodies can join Mrs. Kelley in the kitchen to prepare and sample some of her favorite dishes. Students will learn a variety of basic and more advanced cooking and baking skills, such as knife skills, zesting, mise en place, separating, sifting, food processing, using fresh herbs, and more! Students will try a new recipe each class and get to sample their culinary creation. 

*Recipes during this course will include gluten, dairy, and nuts. Some recipes will require students to use knives to chop and cooking on the stove top.

Instructor: Mrs. Kelley 

Performance Bucket Drumming

Do you want to develop your inner rock star?  Ever dreamed of learning an instrument but have yet to muster the courage? This class is for you! Join our guest teacher, local Wadsworth Music’s certified drum instructor, and find the rhythm inside you!  In this course Mr. Jason, who has years of drum instructor and drum line experience, will teach you and your friends not just how to keep a beat, but how to put on a show!  The course will conclude with an end of session group performance that will not disappoint.

Instructor: Mr. Jason Raffle, drum teacher 

Advanced Art

As Pablo Picasso wisely said: “All children are born artists.” Do you have the desire to fine tune your artistic skills?  Want to take your art to the next level and acquire new knowledge and art techniques?  Join guest teacher and Brush Tips Art Studio  managing partner Miss Abigail Sweigert on an mixed-media artist adventure you won’t forget! The art you create will be wall-hang worthy! 

Instructors: Miss Swegert, Brush Tips Art Studio managing partner and Mrs. Leach

Extracurricular Programs

  • Performing Show Choir (5 – 8)
  • Student Council (4 – 8)
  • Power of the Pen (7 – 8)
  • Chess Club
  • Spelling Bee (6 – 8)
  • Future Catholic Teachers Club (8)
  • Grandparents Day Program
  • Veterans Day Program
  • Cinderella (father-daughter) ball
  • Mother/Son outing
  • Catholic Schools Week Carnival & Activities
  • State Science Fair (7 – 8)
  • Middle School Drama Program
  • Breakfast of Champions – Mentoring Program (6 – 8)
  • Ski Club
  • Talent Show
  • CYO Sports

Spiritual Programs Offered

  • School led retreats at Damascus
  • An invitation to pray at least 4 times a day
  • Mass every Thursday
  • Daily religious instruction with weekly visits from our priests and deacons
  • Weekly Rosary and Benediction during October and May
  • Stations of the Cross during Lent
  • The Sacrament of Reconciliation twice during the school year
  • A chapel available for prayer and reflection any time of day
  • The Divine Mercy Chaplet is recited weekly
  • Living Stations of the Cross
  • Visit from St. Nicholas
  • Mass Choir
  • Our 3rd graders research the saints, write reports and dress their parts on All Saints Day.