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How to Apply

Fill out the form attached below and submit it through the submission form on this page or bring it into the school office.


Payment Options

Option 1: Pay in full by July 1 with a 3% discount. Option 2: 10 or 12-month electronic withdrawals deducted on the 1st or 15th each month. This option requires completed paperwork for the automatic bank draft by May 15.

Scholarships / Financial Aid

Sacred Heart of Jesus School offers a Tuition Assistance Program for those families in need.

In order to apply, a Tuition Assistance Program Application must be filled out and returned by the date specified on the form.

Scholarships are also available for students.

Please call the office at (330) 334-6272 for more information.

Admission Inquiry

Admission Inquiry

Parent's Name
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Grade your child is going into.
Please let us know what's on your mind. Have a question for us? Ask away.
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Scholarships and Financial Aid are available! Call the office at (330) 334-6272 for more information.

Full Time K-8

Mon – Fri (5 days)

$5,720 per year

Kindergarten 1/2 Day

Mon – Fri (5 days)

$2,140 per year


Mon – Fri (5 days)

$1,820 per year


1 Time Fee


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