Additional Education Opportunities

Educational opportunities abound at Sacred Heart of Jesus School. Students learn about people, places and ideas through a variety of programs that take them outside the classroom.

Field trips are paid for by the Sacred Heart PTO – an association of parent volunteers who raise money for the school. Extended-day field trips begin at 4th grade and over the years take students to Pittsburgh, Columbus, Cleveland and Put-in-Bay.

Each day trip includes sightseeing and learning about our history, the environment, and the people who left their mark on our city, state and region. Our 8th graders enjoy a three-day field trip to Washington DC to experience our nation’s history and see the seat of our government.

Our younger students – kindergarten through 3rd grade – enjoy local field trips to the zoo, the library, Pumpkin Patch and local government offices. They, too, are introduced to new ideas and experiences outside the classroom.

At a time when many school systems are foregoing field trips, Sacred Heart of Jesus School continues to provide them as a valuable adjunct to classroom learning.