Crazy Hat Day Cropped

Our Week Is Filled With Excitement And Excellence

Crazy hats, career day, a talent show and lunch with family is just a glimpse into our week!

There is one week out of the year where catholic schools strive to show off their spirit, all the while keeping Christ in focus. Here at Sacred Heart of Jesus School, we have been having some fun!

Catholic Schools Week is a national event intended to celebrate the history and excellence of Catholic schools throughout the U.S. We at Sacred Heart of Jesus School do not waste any time in sharing with the community all that we offer students. Our week is jam packed with faith-filled, family-centered, fun-tastic excitement!

It starts out with the take over of the principal’s job! Or maybe it’s more like sharing the responsibility of being principal for the day with some very lucky students! Yes, these students get to hold the keys to the school and shadow Mr. Adams all day. Their job responsibilities range from giving the morning announcements to even distributing demerits (in a friendly manner of course)!

Another day is marked by wearing crazy hats to school. Students try to out do each other by making their hats from scratch, and the crazier the better!


Teachers even get in on the fun too!


Career Day is a fun day during Catholic Schools Week. Students dress the part of their favorite career person. Guest speakers visit each classroom to give a short presentation on what their career entailes and why they chose that path. Students really love hearing the speakers, and they always have many questions to ask.


We love to recognize family all throughout the year, and this week is no different! Our students get to enjoy lunch with their family members, afterwards giving them a tour of their classrooms. It’s really a proud day for both our students and their family.

Our Week Is Filled With Excitement And Excellence

We have found over the years that our students here at Sacred Heart of Jesus School have talent! They get to prove this by performing in the annual talent show Everything from singing, dancing, gymnastics, dance, instrument playing and martial arts are showcased during this enjoyable program.

Even though we have a lot of fun during this week, we never forget about the reason for our school to begin with. We strive to grow closer to God by growing in mind, body and spirit and by serving others. That is why our week is summed up with a day of service. Each classroom devotes the day to helping those less fortunate than we are, and visiting the elderly. Some classes help serve a hot meal to the hungry. Other classes help sort out much needed clothing and toiletry items which are then donated to those in need. Assisted Living residents get a visit from our students who may sing songs and play board games with them.

God is always at the center of all we do here at Sacred Heart of Jesus School. We hope one can notice this as they step foot through our doors for a visit. We are proud of our school and our school family. This week sure is filled with excitement AND excellence!


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