We salute our veterans all year long

Veterans day is a very special day at Sacred Heart of Jesus School.

We don’t just celebrate Veterans Day one day out of the year, but every day the whole year through! Our Wall of Honor continues to grow with additions of new veteran photos being added all the time. This wall is a visual testimony to the many family members who served in all branches of the military.

veterans day

During our Veteran’s Day celebration, we invite all of the family members who have served in the military to join us for a light breakfast. After breakfast, a remembrance service takes place where every branch of the military is recognized.

veterans day

The students sing from the heart each military hymn while members of the branches stand and are saluted. It’s quite a heartwarming and inspiring scene to watch. The gym vibrates from the roar of the crowd, while the veterans walk through a canopy of waving American flags. Sacred Heart of Jesus School highly regards Veterans Day as an important and significant celebration at our school.

A veteran guest speaker is invited to give a presentation about what their service in the military means to them. Poems and essays written by students are then read, followed by the lighting of a candle for the lost soldier.

This gesture of appreciation and admiration is a tradition. A tradition the entire student body, along with the staff and faculty, looks forward to each year. Our Wall of Honor is a reminder that here, at Sacred Heart of Jesus School, we salute our veterans all year long!


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