We are a school family

We are more than a school, we are a family.

It’s no secret that Sacred Heart of Jesus School is much smaller than most public elementary schools. With just over 290 students, it’s very easy to remember everyone’s name and get to know each others families.

Quite often when new school parents tour SHS they mention that the environment feels like a family atmosphere. It’s not uncommon for new school families to be welcomed by numerous “seasoned” families with a warm handshake and an exchange of contact information in case of questions. Immediately the new family is welcomed and embraced into the inclusive nature of the school and the parish.

When hardships come to light about a death, a job loss, or a sickness, fellow school families and staff band together to ease the burden with meals, monetary donations and prayers. If a new birth is announced in a family, a meal is delivered and homemade cards are sent home from students. Prayer intentions are said on a daily basis for family, friends, veterans and sometimes even pets. The feeling of an inclusive family atmosphere is palpable throughout the school.

Strong friendships are forged not only between students, but also with the parents of the students creating lifelong bonds. When a student graduates from 8th grade and takes their next step into high school, friendships made from Sacred Heart of Jesus School go with them. We are more than a school, we are a school FAMILY!

If you would like to become a part of our school family, contact us for a meeting. Even if you are undecided about a Catholic education for your child, it might be worth it to check us out and see for yourself what we are all about!

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