Summer Break with the Saints

As the Summer break is in full swing, the Saints in Heaven are always guiding us.

Summer has begun and even though school has been out of session, our school Mission carries on. That is to embrace and teach the Catholic faith. What a more fitting way to continue teaching our faith is through the Saints. Throughout the next few month’s, we will introduce to you a Saint of the Day provided by Franciscan Media. The lives of the saints are a perfect model for each of us to learn from, and grow in faithfullness and love for Jesus Christ. Saints are always with us as constant companions who walk next to us along our life’s journey. We should always recognize and ask the saints to intercede for us in prayer, and to lead us to Heaven.

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Let’s meet our first Saint for today.

Saint Irenaeus
Saint of the Day for June 28
(c. 130 – c. 202)

Saint Irenaeus’ Story

The Church is fortunate that Irenaeus was involved in many of its controversies in the second century. He was a student, well trained no doubt, with great patience in investigating, tremendously protective of apostolic teaching, but prompted more by a desire to win over his opponents than to prove them in error.

As bishop of Lyons he was especially concerned with the Gnostics, who took their name from the Greek word for “knowledge.” Claiming access to secret knowledge imparted by Jesus to only a few disciples, their teaching was attracting and confusing many Christians. After thoroughly investigating the various Gnostic sects and their “secret,” Irenaeus showed to what logical conclusions their tenets led. These he contrasted with the teaching of the apostles and the text of Holy Scripture, giving us, in five books, a system of theology of great importance to subsequent times. Moreover, his work, widely used and translated into Latin and Armenian, gradually ended the influence of the Gnostics.

The circumstances and details about his death, like those of his birth and early life in Asia Minor, are not at all clear.

by Franciscan Media

Photo credit: Stained glass window of Saint Irenaeus | Église Saint-Irénée, France | photo by Gérald Gambier

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