inclusive culture

Students thrive in an inclusive culture

One day a second grader moved off to sit by himself at lunch.

He appeared to be upset, trying to hold back tears. Soon a group of seventh graders surrounded him, sat at his table, and talked to him. The young boy’s spirit improved, he ate his lunch and left the cafeteria to join his friends at recess happy and laughing.

This type of scene plays out in our school all the time. Students are safe here. We create a culture and an environment that lets learning flourish.

Both teachers and parents of students at Sacred Heart of Jesus School describe a learning environment that is different from what they’ve seen elsewhere. Our teachers work hard to create a loving, nurturing environment. Religious education is at the heart of our culture. Here students are called to prayer at least four times a day and attend Mass every Thursday. They have daily religious instruction and especially enjoy weekly visits from our priests and deacons. We create a family environment where students learn to care about one another, pray for one another, and share in each child’s success. Our students thrive in an inclusive culture by¬†showing respect and lending a hand to each other every day.

Students’ concern for each other is the antithesis of bullying.

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