Field Trips Cropped

Students enjoy field trips at Sacred Heart of Jesus School

Columbus, Washington D.C., Pittsburgh, are only a few of the many trips students enjoy taking.

At a time where school’s across the country are omitting field trips from their itinerary, Sacred Heart of Jesus School keeps adding trips to theirs! We believe field trips are as important as classroom time, therefore we provide them for every grade level.

All throughout the year the students partake in various outside the classroom learning experiences. The students get the opportunity to visit Pittsburgh, Columbus, Put-in-Bay, Washington D.C. They also get to become wilderness explorers at Camp Christopher, hike a nature park, visit a seminary, go pumpkin picking and so much more!

All of these opportunities are made possible by the school’s Parent Teacher Association, WHYS, who fund the majority of these wonderful trips. The children of Sacred Heart of Jesus School look forward to the experiences and excitement of their respective field trips. The memories they create will remain with them throughout their lives. We believe that the curriculum we provide to the students is stellar, and the teachers play a major role in that. Field trips are meant to extend the learning experience outside of the classroom, and reinforce the lessons the children are receiving inside their classroom. They go hand and hand together providing an enriching atmosphere.

We feel very blessed to be able to provide the students of Sacred Heart of Jesus School outside learning opportunities. Not only does WHYS make these trips possible, but with the exception of Washington D.C., parents are not asked to pay any additional money for their child to partake in field trips! Just another way Sacred Heart of Jesus School is different!

Students enjoy field trips at Sacred Heart of Jesus School and we are proud to offer them! If you are interested in learning more about our school, please contact us! We will be happy to answer your questions, or give you a tour. Contact us today!

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