Stations Of The Cross Is Brought To Life

Living Stations of the Cross is a moving tradition.

During Lent, the students, teachers and staff of Sacred Heart of Jesus School attend Stations of the Cross weekly. They pray and reflect on Jesus’ journey from being sentenced to death through His crucifixion and death. As Catholics, we partake in the Stations of the Cross on Friday’s throughout the 40 days of Lent. By having the children be a part of this sacred communal prayer service is a blessing.


With Lent culminating into Holy Week, the Stations of the Cross are transformed into a live prayer event. Truly one of our most treasured and moving traditions here at Sacred Heart of Jesus School. Our eighth grade class turns the Stations of the Cross into a performance not soon to be forgotten by the congregation. There is something so gripping about watching a performance of Jesus falling for the first time. Hearing Mary sing a heartbreaking song about losing her begotten Son is tearfully emotional. Watching as Veronica wipes the face of Jesus is inspiring.

The eighth grade performance of the Stations of the Cross is a revered production. It visually prepares us for the most sacred days of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil and the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior on Easter morning!

Yes, the living Stations of the Cross is a moving tradition here at Sacred Heart. We are so proud of our eighth grade class who put their heart into this sacred event. This is only one of many traditions we hold dear as we prepare ourselves for the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

May you have a Blessed and Happy Easter Season!

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