Spring Is The Season For Field Trips

The flowers are blooming, trees are budding and students are preparing for field trips!

At this time of the year there is much excitement in the school. Students and staff are preparing for a much anticipated time of the year, field trip season! Sacred Heart of Jesus School is able to offer every grade the chance to explore outside of the school building for the day.

Students are able to visit such places as the State House in Columbus, various landmarks in downtown Pittsburgh, the island of Put-In-Bay, local zoo’s and wildlife educational centers. Even the pre-K class visits the town fire department for a VIP tour. Field trips are paid for by the Sacred Heart WHYS (Wadsworth Home Youth School) group – an association of parent volunteers who raise money for the school. Our one and only fundraiser, the annual Auction, is vital in allowing to offer these outside learning opportunities to the students. We are so grateful for the many generous donations made to our Auction fundraiser.

Each day trip includes sightseeing and learning about our history, the environment, and the people who left their mark on our city, state and region. Our 8th graders enjoy a three-day field trip to Washington DC to experience our nation’s history and see the seat of our government.


Our younger students – kindergarten through 3rd grade – enjoy local field trips to the zoo, the library, Pumpkin Patch and local government offices. They, too, are introduced to new ideas and experiences outside the classroom.

At a time when many school systems are foregoing field trips, Sacred Heart of Jesus School continues to provide them as a valuable adjunct to classroom learning. Spring is a beautiful time of the year for many reasons, but for our school, Spring is the season for field trips.

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