7th Grade Class

Seventh Grade has Science on the Brain!

Science on the brain

The addition of the Science and Technology Labs has created a lot of excitement around school these days!

The 7th and 8th graders are collaborating to create a brand new sport that we believe will soon be sweeping the nation called “Balloon Ball.” They are creating prototypes of the ball we will be using to play our new game and testing for durability, rebound, safety, optimal weight, etc.

The 5th through 8th grade science classes learned about the scientific method and they will be putting what they learned into action!

The new Science lab is completely furnished with all the essentials to make the learning at Sacred Heart of Jesus School a success. The students truly have science on the brain!

The 7th graders enjoy being “buddies” to the 1st grade class at all school Masses. The 1st graders look forward to, and enjoy them, as well!

science on the brain

The additions to the playground this summer consist of a walking track, which the 7th graders enjoy using, along with swings. A new pavilion was constructed in honor of the Buccitelli family. This beautiful pavilion is a place for relaxation, conversation and chess! There are two chess tables, one on each side of the pavilion, where students can challenge each other in a friendly game of chess. A great way to use their minds during recess!

This year’s opening ceremony and prayer was a memorable one! Mr. Kramer, the 7th grade teacher, was nominated to partake in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by a student. He accepted the challenge during the opening ceremony. Principal Adams did the honor of dumping the bucket over Mr. Kramer’s head! Mr. Kramer then nominated the entire student body to a grub day challenge. $700 was raised and donated to the John Paul II Medical Reasearch Instutute!

Excitement is all around Sacred Heart of Jesus School and our 7th graders are part of it! If you want to be a part of it too, give us a call!

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