ice bucket challenge

School begins with excitement and service to others

This August marked another beginning of a school year.

No one was prepared for the amount of enthusiasm and good sportsmanship that was evident during the opening prayer ceremony.

The beginning of every school year is embarked upon by an annual opening ceremony and prayer. This ceremony also unveils the school year theme, as it changes each year. Students along with staff and parents are invited to gather in the parking lot of the school for a series of prayer, introduction of new student council members, and the unveiling of the year’s theme. It is no surprise that there is excitement and anticipation in the air as another academic year begins anew.

This year’s ceremony will go down in the memory books! A viral campaign known as the “Ice Bucket Challenge” has been taking the internet by storm benefiting the ALS Association. ALS Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), often referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease,” has turned up in the spot light because a fun challenge was created to aid in helping raise awareness of the disease and boost donations for a cure.

Sacred Heart of Jesus School has accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge, twice, and completed the challenges with energetic school style!


During the opening ceremony, one of Sacred Heart’s own teachers, Mr. Kramer,  was challenged by a student. Mr. Kramer not only accepted the challenge but completed the challenge for all to witness, on the first day of school!

ice bucket challenge

The teacher then challenged the entire school body, along with the principal of the school and another fellow teacher. The second challenge was initiated and completed on the Friday of the first school week. Not only did the students partake in this challenge but the principal graciously took THREE large buckets of ice water over his head in good sportsmanship. The bucket tippers were none other than the principal’s daughter and his challenger, Mr. Kramer!



No where else does the phrase, “what goes around, comes around” ring true, then during these two ice bucket challenges!

The SHS Ice Bucket Challenge raised $700 for the John Paul II Medical Research Institute. This non-profit research institute focuses on finding and funding a cure for various diseases, including ALS.

Sacred Heart of Jesus School continues to excite, encourage and energize it’s students with a focus on serving others in Christ’s name. This fun gesture of good sportsmanship is only one act of kindness and service that you will find at Sacred Heart School. Every month the school hosts a “grub day” or a dress down day. Each student is asked to bring in a 50¢ donation towards a charity chosen by the school.

Putting our focus on others who need our thoughts and prayers is paramount and part of the mission of SHS. We strive to be of service to others and the students are a bright testament of that service.

Sacred Heart of Jesus School is a vibrant school family with so many stories to share. We welcome you to call our school and find out how you can be a part of the excitement here. You and your children will be energized to learn and grow in Christ!

Please contact us today with any questions you may have!

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