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Ohio history, Oobleck and Multi-digit numbers. What else can these 4th graders learn!

The answer to that question above is, A LOT!

ohio history, oobleck and multi-digit numbers

In Science, the fourth graders have been using the new science lab for an array of science experiments and creations.  During their unit on matter, the students created a substance called Oobleck, which is both a solid & a liquid substance.  Throughout these lessons, they also explored the density of everyday liquids, measured the mass of classroom items, and learned the two ways to measure volume.  Throughout the year the students will continue to create and explore new ideas in science.

ohio history, oobleck and multi-digit numbers

Ohio history is introduced throughout the school year. The fourth graders complete three Ohio projects that reflect their knowledge of the state. The first Ohio Project, titled Famous Ohioans, incorporates technology, verbal skills, and creativity. The students have a blast researching and taking on the role of a famous Ohioan by dressing up and introducing themselves to the class.

Fourth graders have conquered the challenge of learning different strategies for multiplying two digit numbers. They are learning how to divide multi-digit numbers with and without remainders. These skills are used to solve real world math problems. Throughout the year, they will learn to add, subtract, and multiply fractions, as well as write equivalent fractions.  Students will work with angles and triangles and learn how to find the perimeter and area of rectangles. A challenging year indeed!

Fourth graders began the year reading a favorite: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. During the year, they focus on elements of fiction and nonfiction. Figurative language such as similes, metaphors, personification, and alliteration are introduced. The fourth graders participate in the Accelerated Reader program. Books are assigned point values based on the length and difficulty of the book. Each month, students set a goal of how many points they are to read. The fourth graders are working very hard to become better readers!

These fourth graders indeed have a bright future ahead of them after all the learning they are doing!

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