the next step high school

The next step is on to High School

next step is high school

Meet the class of 2015! These 8th graders are ready for their next step, High School.

Sacred Heart of Jesus School students participate in the Power of the Pen. This is an educational enhancement program devoted to excellence in creative writing. This year there are six 8th grade students participating in this program. Thanks to this team of writers for assisting in the production of this 8th grade blog! Here are a few comments about what the 8th graders are involved in throughout the year.

At Sacred Heart we have a buddy system where the upper grade students are partnered with the students in the lower grades.  The 8th graders have kindergarten students as their buddies.  We get to do lots of different things with our buddies.  We sit with them at church, read to them, do a nativity play at Christmastime, and at the end of the year we enjoy a picnic together.  The kindergarteners are allowed to participate in the school church choir.  Our buddies teach us things and we teach them too.  Having buddies is a great experience for both the 8th graders and the kindergarten students!   – Brooke

the next step high school

We’re off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Claus!  That is what the Sacred Heart 8th grade sang on December 14th during their production of: The Wizard of Claus.  Over the summer the four writing committee members met to create a play worthy of the stage.  By October the play was completed and auditions had begun.  Two weeks later the 8th grade room was filled with elves and the people of Claus.  Every week since the 8th graders have been working hard to memorize lines, build a set, and practice.
Hope you enjoyed the show!    – Fiona


This past summer, the newest addition to our school was constructed.  It is our K-8 science and computer labs.  After our first school Mass in August, Father Joe blessed this newest addition.  The whole school walked from the church to the school and had a prayer service in front of the school.  Students now use the rooms to learn computer skills and perform fun, hands-on science experiments.    – Sam

Hypothesis, Problem, and Purpose, Oh My! Every year, the 7th and 8th grade students participate in the school Science Fair.  Each student or pair of students must come up with a topic that is approved by the science teacher, Mr. Kramer. Students dedicate their time at home and at school to put their science demonstrations to the ultimate test!  All of the projects are due this year on January 22.
Good luck to all!    – Mia

next step high school

For the past several years, Sacred Heart of Jesus School has been doing an annual Veterans Day celebration.  We invite students to bring along veterans from their family for breakfast followed by a ceremony in their honor.  The 8th grade class plays a big part in preparing and celebrating this honorable event.  Each student in our class makes a slide, which is used to put together a PowerPoint slideshow.  Students write essays, which they read to our student body, families, friends, and veterans.  This year’s celebration had a fantastic turnout, and everyone there did a wonderful job. We salute our Veterans!   – Leah

Our 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C. was absolutely spectacular!  It was a wonderful experience to see buildings like The Capital Building, George Washington’s House, The Washington Monument, and The White House.  Also, the memorials we saw were breathtaking. I think my favorite part overall was being able to experience all of it with the people I have been with for almost 9 years.
I really hope I have the chance to go again!    – McKenna

The year for these 8th grade students is full of academic opportunities and achievements, along with lifelong friendships and memories. Most of these students have been together for over 8 years so it seems fitting that they become a family. With small class sizes at Sacred Heart of Jesus School, it’s easy for the students to form a bond with each other. The end of the 8th grade year can be bitter-sweet. There is a bit of sadness to break up the class camaraderie however, there is eagerness and excitement to begin their next academic chapter. The next step is on to high school for this SHS class of 2015!
If you have questions about all that goes on in 8th grade at Sacred Heart of Jesus School, please call us at 330-334-6272. We will be happy to answer the questions you may have!

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