Meet Bill Adams

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Greetings from Sacred Heart of Jesus School!


A hearty welcome from Sacred Heart of Jesus School is extended to all who desire to learn more about the beauty within. This 2018-2019 school year promises to be loaded with many spiritually satisfying and educationally fulfilling opportunities. These experiences will encompass our school theme of “Jesus Show Me How To Be…, and help us grow closer to Him through our actions, our service to others, our positive relationships, and our efforts to spread His word. The theme will also grow as each month a new word of action will be the center of our school’s efforts. Spreading kindness is a great way to begin a new season as we concentrate on good deeds and healthy relationships. With this in mind, I would like to welcome all new families to the Family of the “Heart” and I pray that you experience a wonderful transition to our school. God has blessed us with teachers who challenge students to move beyond their own expectations reaching for more knowledge and applying it to solve problems and think critically. Our thirst to learn will be quenched in the classroom as well as through the many out-of-class experiences including field trips and after school activities. 

The unwavering support of our current families and the environment they have helped to create have distinguished Sacred Heart from being an ordinary school. We are far from average in all aspects of our makeup. A spirit of enthusiasm and excitement along with a vibrant atmosphere envelops SHS. We realize that when you entrust your children to us a safe environment filled with spiritual and educational nourishment is expected. Sacred Heart is committed to deliver with a fervor that should please all. 

As we reflect on 2017-18, it is quite obvious our students enjoyed many successes including our 1st trip to the nationals, in Chicago, with our Quiz Bowl Team. As usual, our Science Fair projects were showered with accolades from the state of Ohio including various monetary awards and scholarships. The 32 strong, that comprised our 8th grade class will be missed. They provided leadership and set examples for all to emulate. However, we are fortunate to have many other students ready and eager to continue their efforts. Artistically, through music, drama and the visual arts, we excelled. Athletically, our students garnered championships and earned 1st place honors. Academically, we strived to be the best with many accepting high school scholarships and commendations. Most importantly, spiritually, through our Living Stations, Rosary at the Nursing Homes, Christmas Play, weekly Mass, and daily prayers, we walked with Jesus more closely.

Our staff will travel beyond limits, to make sure all are welcome, all are respected and all are treated with dignity and compassion. We have a passion to teach, to nurture and to share our blessings with all who enter through our doors. Sacred Heart pledges to: Embrace and teach the Catholic Faith; Welcome all who desire to learn; Provide excellent academics and rich spiritual opportunities; and Live our love for God and others through service. Together let’s dive into the waters of the 2018-19 school year splashing each other, loving each other and caring about each other. We plan to have fun with friends and family surrounded by the Holy Spirit. It doesn’t get any better than that!