Meet Bill Adams

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Greetings from the Land of the Sacred Heart Tigers!

adams-billI am indeed excited to be the educational leader of this outstanding Catholic School. 40 years ago I began my teaching career in Shelby, Ohio. With 12 years under my belt, the administration bug took hold, so I accepted a position in Doylestown, serving as the Assistant Principal/Athletic Director for 6 years and then principal of Chippewa High School for 6 years. I then ventured to Wadsworth High School for my next assignment where I assumed the position of Associate Principal for 5 years. Serving as the principal of Revere High School was my last position in public education, holding that position for 6 years.

Presently, I find that my educational life has come around full circle. As I began my education, my parents provided me an opportunity to attend Holy Name Catholic School in Duquesne, Pa. This journey began many years ago in a beautiful Catholic environment. With the grace of God this beautiful school, Sacred Heart, will be my final educational destination.

My 5 children were privileged to attend Catholic schools.  Two reaped the benefits of being students of Sacred Heart and three enjoyed their experiences at St’s Peter & Paul in Doylestown. Their Catholic education prepared each to be successful academically and enabled them to grow spiritually, morally, and socially. God and family are in the center of our lives and the Catholic education we all received helped to target these priorities at an early age.

The tradition of excellence that exists at Sacred Heart was created by inspirational teachers, motivated students, supportive parents, and devoted spiritual leaders. With the collaborative efforts of the church, school, and community we will continue to grow and continue to provide a wealth of opportunities for our students. God has blessed this outstanding institution with good people who have a passion to teach, guide, and care for your children.

We pledge to provide a safe and comfortable environment that embraces the Catholic Faith so that our students will grow in heart, mind and soul.  You have entrusted your children to us and we will try our best to help each one of them become a difference maker in the lives of others. Our doors are always open for you, so please come visit and catch the spirit of students who are eager to learn and excited to provide for others as they grow in their Faith. 

God Bless and Go Tigers!!!