May Crowning

May is the Month of Mary and First Communion

May is a special month for Sacred Heart of Jesus School.

Not only is it the last month of school, but it is also revered as the month of our Mother Mary. Every Wednesday during May, the school recites the rosary at church. A student is picked to be May Child for the day, a tradition where the child dresses in their Sunday best and they bring a flower bouquet in to be placed before the statue of Mary. By the end of the month, Mary is surrounded by the colors of spring and the scent of blooming flowers! A ceremony referred to as May Crowning takes place where the statue of Mary is crowned and she is adorned with even more beautiful flowers. The rosary is recited and hymns are sung all in honor of the Virgin Mother.


May is also the month for the second graders to make their First Holy Communion. They prepare all year long for this special day to receive Jesus for the first time. Many exciting events take place around this special day like, Jesus Day and the blessing of the communion gifts received by the students from family members. The children also get to enjoy a communion picnic along with much needed outdoor play time at the nearby park. They get the privilege of spending an entire school day running, playing, laughing, and eating with their friends and family members. All the while still celebrating the joy of becoming First Communicants!

May is the month of Mary. We believe that Mary is looking down upon our students with a smile as they honor her and grow even closer to her Son, Jesus Christ.

What a precious time of year indeed!

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