Many hands make light work

We kicked off another spring spruce up on the grounds of our school.

For the last few years, Sacred Heart of Jesus School has benefited from mulch donations by Kohl’s department store. This year was no different. The grounds of the school are truly quite beautiful with flower beds, budding trees, and statues. With the addition of the mulch, the landscaping looks ready to greet the annual spring perennials.

Each year a caravan of volunteers consisting of school faculty and staff, students and their families, maintenance personnel and community members, pour into the parking lot of the school. Along with them come rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows, donuts, coffee and juice! The volunteers are eager to complete the task at hand with pride and joyous hearts. In a few hours time, towering mounds of black mulch are nothing more than traces of loose material getting swept and shoveled into the last wheelbarrow of the day.

It is true that many hands make light work and mulching day is just one example, of many, where our volunteers come to help.

It goes without saying that volunteers are the heart of a non-profit organization or a school. The many volunteers at Sacred Heart of Jesus School and Parish are no exception, and are always eager to assist in any way possible. So many selfless, kindhearted people truly care about the well being and legacy of Sacred Heart of Jesus and it shows! Our students, staff, faculty, community members and parishioners benefit from these individuals on a daily basis.

The spring spruce up and mulch day is just one example of how God shows His grace and love, by the many hands and hearts who really do make light work for others. Our wonderful volunteers!

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