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Love God Live the Gospel and Learn for Life

This was the theme of our school year.

Each year our school begins with the unveiling of the year’s theme. This year the theme was, Love God, Live the Gospel and Learn for Life. The school year theme is important because it allows the students, staff and teachers a chance to incorporate the message into their school day and into their daily life.

As we wind down another year and look forward to the summer break, it’s a fitting time to reminisce how the school theme was incorporated and lived out throughout the year. First of all, Love God is in all that we do and all that we teach here at Sacred Heart of Jesus School. It is the very heart of our catholic faith and paramount in all that we do. We show that we love God by our words and our actions and how we treat others. We show our love for God during our time of daily prayer and worship.

We Live the Gospel through our words and our love for others. We hear the Gospel each week at Mass. We speak the Gospel to our fellow classmates and family. We live the Gospel by our actions towards others. We do this by praying for someone who is sick, or visiting the local nursing homes to cheer up the lonely. We take care of the hungry by donating food to the food pantry. We make monetary donations to charities. We lift each other up when we are having a tough day.

Finally, we Learn for Life! Our academics are excellent and students are challenged each day and they are also praised. Many lessons learned throughout the elementary curriculum are retained and some are even used later in life! The foundation is built strong and solid during the early education years by our dedicated teachers and staff. Our 8th grade students are ready to take on high school with confidence and readiness.

The theme of each school year sets the standard for the year. It allows all of us to be guided in a positive direction, with a goal to incorporate the message of the theme into our daily lives. We invite you to be a part of our next school year theme. Call us to schedule a meeting today!

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