Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is a treasured celebration

Our annual Grandparents Day event is upon us!

In the dictionary the word keystone is defined as the following:

keystone |ˈkēˌstōn|noun 
a central stone at the summit of an arch, locking the whole together.

The word keystone is an appropriate word to describe grandparents. Just like the definition of keystone, grandparents are the central stone at the summit of our families, who lock the whole together. What a fitting way to describe such influential members of our family!

We at Sacred Heart of Jesus School hold grandparents in high regard, and we make sure to honor them in an annual celebration. Every year we invite grandparents or special guests of SHS students to enjoy pastries with their grandchildren. They then make their way throughout the school visiting each classroom of their grandchildren. They can meet the teachers, and even try their math skills out by taking a timed Mad Minute math sheet!

Following the classroom tours, grandparents are then invited to attend Mass with their grandchildren. This treasured celebration is anticipated every year by both the students and grandparents of Sacred Heart of Jesus School and Parish.

Grandparents day is a treasured celebration that we hold dear to our hearts as we continue to recognize the keystones of our families, our grandparents!

A Prayer For Grandparents:

God, our heavenly Father, we ask your blessings on our grandparents. They are valued links between the past and the present. They are treasured gifts and strong models. May they be anchors that provide stability and a sense of identity for us. May their wisdom guide us. May their lived example challenge us. May their witness to their faith strengthen us. May they always be surrounded by the love, respect and support of their families. Lord, bless and empower our grandparents. Keep them in your love. Give them your joy and peace each day, so that they may forever follow your son Jesus. Amen – By Deacon and Mrs. Gary Aitchison, Ames, Iowa 2014

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