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First Day of School Starts with a Tradition

We kicked off another new school year.

Schools around the country are welcoming their students back from summer break. Each school has a tradition of welcoming back the students for another year. Sacred Heart of Jesus School has a long standing tradition that everyone looks forward to.

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Before the students step foot inside the school, an opening ceremony is held in the parking lot. Students with their families are greeted by the principal, Bill Adams, along with the faculty and staff. The parish’s parochial vicar and deacon begin the ceremony with prayer and blessings for a fruitful year in mind and spirit.

first day of school

The energy is high among the crowd as the message being delivered is positive, uplifting and welcoming to all. A much anticipated part of the ceremony is the unveiling of the school year theme. This years theme is Love, Mercy and Compassion, a theme adopted from Pope Francis’ teachings.

We here at Sacred Heart of Jesus School love the first day of school and the tradition it has become. The faces of the families and students represent the love and inclusive nature our school holds in high regard. We are all a family. We come together to support one another, and it begins with the new school year.

first day of school

The first day of school starts with a tradition. A tradition that will continue to uplift and inspire all throughout the year. A tradition which represents who we are as a school family. A school theme tradition that plainly states how we are to live out our lives – through love, mercy and compassion for all.

Welcome back SHS Tigers!

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