6th grade

Enjoying a year full of excitement and hands-on learning

The 6th grade class is learning a lot and having fun at the same time!

Let’s take a closer look at what these students are experiencing at Sacred Heart of Jesus School!

In social studies class, the 6th graders are learning about the Fertile Crescent and the emergence of the world’s first empires. They are learning how laws are an important part of society and how ancient laws effect modern day punishment.

In class they learned about Hammurabi’s Code, which was a set of laws that governed life in the Babylonian empire.  Using their knowledge about this set of laws, they came up with “Hammurabi’s Classroom Code” as a law code for our classroom.  Their laws were so great that even 6th grade teacher, Miss Adams, thought of using them as the classroom rules!

In science class, 6th graders are really tuning up their knowledge about organelles.  In groups, they picked a modern day song that they were familiar with then changed the lyrics to definitions and facts about organelles and their functions.  Each group had a chance to practice their song, come up with a wardrobe, and perform the song in front of their classmates.  They had a rocking good time!

This year is the first year that 6th graders have buddies. They are working with the 2nd graders and helping them prepare for their First Communion this spring. They not only help the 2nd graders at Mass, but they also help them with school projects.  Just the other day, they helped with a science project on launching rockets using Alka-Seltzer tablets, water, and film containers. They had a blast!

Sixth graders enjoy two field trips.  Their first field trip of the school year was in September when they stayed at Camp Christopher. At Camp Christopher they learned about environmental education and participated in many activities to build trust with their classmates.  In May, they will be travelling to Pittsburgh to visit the Carnegie Museum and St. Anthony’s Chapel.  As a bonus, they will have the opportunity to ride on the Duquesne Incline.

Have you ever heard of french fries on a sandwich? Sixth graders will be introduced to the famous Primanti Brothers Restaurant in Pittsburgh. They will need to be careful if they ask “can I have fries with that?” because it will come right on their sandwich!

It looks like these 6th graders will have a lot to talk about throughout the year! Here is proof that there is never a dull moment in the 6th grade at SHS!

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