Back To Manger Nativity Cropped

Back To The Manger Touches Hearts

The spotlight is on this year’s Christmas play.

Each year the eighth grade class performs a Christmas play for Sacred Heart of Jesus families. The entire student body is involved whether singing, acting or managing the stage, it’s quite an endeavor. This year’s play was an original written entirely by the eighth grade class. The students worked diligently memorizing their lines, creating the sets, designing their costumes, all throughout the summer months.

Back to the Manger is a play adapted from the movie Back to the Future and given a Christmas message. What is Christmas all about and who is Jesus? These are questions asked by curious elementary students in the play who are then taken on a very memorable field trip.


The students are taken, by time machine, to the era of Adam and Eve and are transported to various events in history. The scenes in the play reflect the life of Jesus, and the audience is introduced to who Jesus is. Each scene is a touching rendition of the life of Jesus, from finding Him in the Temple, to the wedding feast at Cana. All the way to His agony in the garden to the crucifixion, the audience learns about Jesus.

Back to the Manger Touches Hearts

The students in the play are transformed from self-centered teenagers into curious, wholesome, spirited young people who seek to know Jesus more. Each scene brings us closer to the meaning of Christmas and reminds us of God’s love for us. These eighth graders did an extraordinary job, and the message they attempted to bring out of this play was strongly evident.


Back to the Manger touches hearts

This year’s play, Back to the Manger, touches hearts and minds during the season of Advent. We are reminded of what it really means to celebrate Christmas, and it brings forth a visual representation of the season. We are proud of our eighth graders, and every eighth grade class who came before them. These students have truly demonstrated their knowledge of the Catholic faith and are eager to share it with the world!

Bravo on a truly memorable performance!

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