Art History

Art History is among the many enrichment activities offered

Sacred Heart of Jesus School is proud to offer many enrichment activities for the students to get involved in.

Many of our activities are before or after school hours however, a few are offered during the day. One class in particular is called, Get To Know An Artist From History.

Once a quarter, a presentation is given on a particular artist from history. The class is taught in a traditional art history manor of showing appropriate slides of the artists works, along with video clips. As the class progresses throughout the year, a compare and contrast between artists and art movements can be touched upon. Students learn how to recognize certain styles and characteristics of different artists from different time periods.

Some of the artists introduced during this class have been Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet and many more.

many enrichment activities offered

The students get the opportunity to get a taste of how art influenced, changed or documented history. The goal of this class is to inspire curiosity about the visual arts, and demonstrate to young students, how important art is and how it changed the world throughout time.

Get To Know An Artist From History is one of many enrichment activities offered at Sacred Heart of Jesus School. We believe that education outside of the traditional classroom is very important, and we are pleased to be able to offer a variety of topics to our students.

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