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A Giving Spirit Is All Around the School

Giving from the heart and serving others is a priority.

At this time of year as we anticipate the celebration of Jesus’ birth, we here at Sacred Heart of Jesus School are celebrating something else. We are in full swing of our annual St. Vincent de Paul Food Drive, as well as providing gifts for our Giving Tree program. A giving spirit is all around the school and it is evident to anyone who visits!

a giving spirit is all around the school

The hallways of the school begin to show evidence of our giving spirit by the stacks of food donations waiting to be taken over to the SVDP Food Pantry.


These donations of assorted food items are given proudly year over year by generous families in abundant amounts. It’s easy to say that when this food drive comes to an end, SVDP is able to stock their shelves to the max and provide for those in need. All because of so many students, families and staff members who give selflessly from the heart. In addition to the food drive, our Giving Tree program is always a success. Every ornament is taken from the tree, and again, families & staff members fulfill the request and the need.

Our students understand that service is a vital part of our Catholic faith. Each student is encouraged to perform good deeds for others. These actions make a direct connection with this year’s theme, Love, Mercy and Compassion, as we extend our hands to others displaying kindness, generosity and forgiveness.

Pope Francis encourages us to reach out to share our faith with others and provide service for others. Sacred Heart provides a wonderful environment filled with students who care about their families, their school and parish community, and most importantly, God.

We strive to accept all who enter our doors with open arms and helping hands, eager to share our love with others. We are passionate about our school and possess a great deal of compassion for others.

At Sacred Heart of Jesus School, we focus on serving others, as Christ did. Here are a few examples of how our students serve others.

  • Students visit nursing homes to pray the Rosary with the residents.
  • Students have monthly “grub” days for which they pay to “dress down.” The money collected goes to charity.
  • Our Buddy Program pairs 5th through 8th graders with K through 2nd graders.
  • Our food drive benefits the St. Vincent de Paul Society.
  • We collect clothing for the needy and participate in a Christmas Giving Tree Program.
  • We raise money for many charitable organizations, including the Missions and Children’s Hospital.

Come walk with us this school year as we strive to become what God envisions us all to be.

If you would like to donate non-perishable food to the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry, please call the Parish office at (330) 336-3049 for more info.

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